Marc Quintyn


I moved with my family to the Washington DC area in 1989, when I accepted a job at the IMF. I am happy and proud to be one of the "founding members" of VIW-WFC when we decided in 1994 to "resurrect" the club. Since then I have been spending a great deal of my spare time for the club, just because I love to do it and believe in its usefulness. As a board member, you can say that I "climbed the ranks," starting as member at large, followed by some 10 years as the treasurer and since 2007, the president. My objectives are to provide social and cultural entertainment for the Flemish community in the greater Washington DC area and for all those who have an interest in our community. I am extremely pleased that our efforts are being received so well by our membership. In my "other" spare time, I like to bike with friends, do other sports, read or undertake economic research.

Mieke Ghesquiere


Forty years in the Washington area has moved me up to the rank of senior citizen.
I obviously focus on the interests of this demographic group but I delight in the growing numbers of young families that join the WFC.
I am often called “Mother Superior” and I love it.
As treasurer of WFC-VIW, I can assure you that I manage our account and your membership money much better than some investment banks and mortgage companies.
We strive to offer our members interesting cultural and social activities at bargain prices thanks to the volunteer input of everybody on the board.

Koen Vanwinckel

Has left Belgium in 1992 to start an overseas telecom career with Alcatel-Lucent. Has settled in Northern Virginia (Reston, VA) since as left Belgium in 1992 to start an overseas telecom career with Alcatel-Lucent. Has settled in Northern Virginia (Reston, VA) since early 2000 after long-term assignments in Singapore and shorter stays in Norway, Germany and Brazil. Has joined VIW-WFC Committee in 2004 as "young blood" to focus on database administration, distribution of emails and family-specific activities (f.i. Saint-Nicholas event).Enjoys discovering new places, outdoors activities (bicycling, hiking, sailing, snowboarding, ...) and - most important - good times with family and friends.

Luce De Peuter

Together with my husband, Albert Tejano and our three kids we moved to the Washington DC area 22 years ago. Before that, I worked for 10 years in Manila. During all of these 32 years, I worked at the Belgian Embassy. A VIW-WFC board member since 5 years, I am in a good position to be the liaison between VIW-WFC on the one hand, and the Belgian diplomatic community here in DC on the other. I really enjoy serving as a board member.

Helga Verbruggen

A native of Antwerp, I landed a job in the US travel and hospitality industry in the mid ‘90s, and ended up staying. My American family and I have called DC home since 2007. Seeking to reconnect with my Flemish roots, I discovered WFC, and in 2013 the board invited me to join them.
The deciding factor may have been that my husband volunteered to take over from the spouse of another board member, who was struggling with the grill at the annual WFC barbecue, and had everyone licking their fingers afterwards. I enjoy helping make a variety of activities happen, with a special preference for hikes and anything to do with arts and culture. WFC has an important place on my family’s social calendar. Although many of our members move to the DC area because of their jobs, it is refreshing that most conversations with newcomers at club events do not start with “ So, what is it that you do...?”

Ann Persyn

I was born and raised in Kortrijk, so very Flemish!
We, my husband Dimitri and our 2 kids, arrived in July 2012 for my husband`s job.
In the beginning I was home sick. I heard about VIW and in September 2012, we went to our first Pot en Pint, it felt like coming home! Everyone was so polite, helpful and gave me lots of advice.
Since then I've been to every Pot en Pint and many other activities from the VIW. In September 2014, I joined the kern and worked and prepared a few activities: hiking, wine tasting, DC tour, dinners at Btoo, helping organize our yearly New Year`s reception, website, and many more.


Hanne Caers

While honeymooning in 2012 on the East Coast of the US, my husband Sven and I dreamt of moving to the DC area one day.
Two years later, in a happy coincidence, Sven was offered the opportunity to work in the US. We settled in Rockville, where I soon came into contact with the VIW-WFC.
I joined the board in 2016, where I try to fill the shoes of Veronique Vercammen as best I can. I aim to bring my youthful enthusiasm to the board and the every-day workings of the VIW-WFC.
In these past years, I have helped wherever possible, both in organizing events and in helping cater the notorious barbecue and New Year’s reception.
In everyday life in the States, I enjoy travelling with my husband – we aim to visit all fifty states while we’re here. When at home, I like to spend my spare time being creative.


Hilde Pinto Leclercq

I am from Leuven, Belgium but now reside in Harpers Ferry, WV with my husband where we have lived now for many years.
While I lived in Belgium I worked in Health Care as a Physical and Respiratory Therapist at the University Hospital in Leuven for 25 years, and during my free time I was active in arts and crafts.
I am currently a teacher and in my spare time I enjoy creating and making jewelry.
I had the good fortune to come in contact with the VIW-WFC, which, for me, is a great way to stay in contact with my Belgium roots and culture.
In 2016 I was invited to join the board of VIW, and, now, with pleasure I help organize cultural and family events, which also provides me the opportunity to use my artistic skills.